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Tainted Waters

Tainted Waters - Maggie Thom If you could only save one character from the book in the event of a disaster, which one would it be and why? My heart went out to Keegan. He finally knew all the secrets about his family and with this, he had found his roots and had a stronger sense of belonging.

Is the title a good one or a poor one and why? For this reader, the title is suited for the book. Everyone was killed because of the lake property. In other words, the waters were also tainted with blood.

Did you like the way the story ended? The story was finished. All secrets were exposed. Drug dealers were busted so I do not have any complaints. Thom is a fantastic writers and I really want to read other books by her.

Disclosure - As a Quality Reads Book Club member, I received a free copy of this book from the author via Orangeberry Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.